TURBO-LOC - Adhesion instead of drilling

The installation is done in four easy steps.

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Step 1: Clean the surface

Please clean the surfaces before fixing with a clean, damp flannel. The surface need to be completely dry and greaseless. Please do not use any bath or household cleaners for pre-cleaning.

WENKO Turbo-Loc

Step 2: Remove the protective foil

Please remove the protective foil before fixing and attach the adhesive pad under firm pressure.

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Step 3: Fix the special adhesive pads

For items with several adapters, please attach the item to the adapter, pull off the protective foils and press the adapter firmly on.

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Step 4: Ready for use

After the Turbo-Loc pad has been fixed, the associated item can be mounted immediately. If necessary you can remove the Turbo-Loc pad without leaving residues.

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TURBO-LOC Products for your bathroom

In addition to the classic bath accessories made of highly polished chrome, Turbo-Loc introduce an innovative series of matt aluminum with a noble visual appearance, light weight and 100% rust-free.

Here you find our Turbo-Loc items