VACUUM-LOC - Strong vacuum power without drilling

The installation of the Vacuum-Loc System is done in a few easy steps.

WENKO Vacuum-Loc Montage

Step 1: Clean the mounting surface

Please clean the mounting surface before fixing with a clean, damp flannel. Ensure that the surface is completely dry and free of any dirt or residue. For best results please use rubbing alcohol or similar to clean the surface prior to installation. Please do not use any bath or household cleaners.

WENKO Vacuum-Loc Montage

Step 2: Attach the Vacuum-Loc firmly

Please remove the protective foil and attach the Vacuum-Loc under firm pressure. Please consider the little dot in upright position.

WENKO Vacuum-Loc Montage

Step 3: Pull the pump four times

Please plug on the pump and press firmly against the Vacuum-Loc. Please pull the blue pump pistol all the way out until you hear a loud PLOPP. Remove the pump from the Loc and assemble the pump back again. Repeat the process three more times.

WENKO Vacuum-Loc Montage

Step 4: Ready for use

Please attach the cap and the accessory from above. If necessary you can remove the Vacuum-Loc pad without residues. For disassembly press sideways against the valve, thereby neutralize the vacuum and remove the Vacuum-Loc.

WENKO Vacuum-Loc Fixing without drilling

VACUUM-LOC Products for your bathroom

Decorative wall hooks, corner racks, wall shelves, towel holders or bathroom squeegees, which are fixed easily without drilling, screwing or plugging.

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