July 13, 2016

Awarded: WENKO Laundry Bin Trivo receives the renowned Plus X Award

WENKO Laundry Bin Trivo receives the renowned Plus X Award

Hilden / Cologne. Dirty laundry lying around everywhere is totally out! Laundry collectors have long found their way into the bathroom and bedroom. But often they are bulky and need a lot of useful space. With the laundry collectors Tresco, Corno and Trivo, WENKO offers once again perfect solutions. These practical helpers not only keep your home tidy, also corners and niches can be optimally used.

The laundry bin Trivo convinced the international jury of the Plus X Award, the world's biggest innovation prize for technology, sports and lifestyle. And so the clever helper was awarded in the category "functionality". The decoration with the coveted award confirms once again the ambition of WENKO to create outstanding products which are focused on a simple and functional use and successfully combined with a high functionality as well as an excellent quality finish and a trendsetting design.

So the laundry collectors Trivo, Tresco and Corno are at the same time stylish eye-catchers and functional helpers:

Trivo: the selector

The awarded laundry collector Trivo makes the separation of your clothes easily from the beginning. By its three chambers, the large bin (116 litres) offers the possibility of pre-sorting dark, white and colored laundry. The large lettering DARK, LIGHT, COLOR leave no doubt where to put the various types of clothes. With its dimensions of 56 x 35 x 60 cm, the laundry bin Trivo requires a bit more space than his "colleagues", but he also saves time. Trivo is equipped with four smooth-running castors and is available in three colour combinations: beige/black, red/white and dark gray/white.

Tresco: the corner filler

This corner laundry collector, which is made of high-quality polyester, offers a capacity of 50 litres and fits in every corner for space-saving reasons. The smooth-running four wheels ensure an easy changeover of the collector and the comfortable transportation to the washing machine. The design with the modern lettering "Laundry" indicates clearly its function. The laundry bin Tresco is optionally available in beige colour with black lettering and in grey colour with white lettering.

Corno: the niche expert

The narrow and space-saving laundry bin Corno, also made of high quality polyester and equipped with smooth-running wheels, is perfectly suited for niches that otherwise remain unused beside bathroom shelves or the bedroom cupboard. With its dimensions of 18.5 x 40 x 60 cm, the bin offers a capacity of 43 litres. The imprint "Laundry" turns Corno into a real eye-catcher despite of its "niche role". Thanks to the variety of colours - from beige and taupe via red to petrol and grey -, the laundry basket is suitable as a decorative accessory for many bathroom and bedroom furniture.

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