Vacuum-Loc® toilet brush Capri fixing without drilling

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The decorative Vacuum-Loc® toilet brush from the series Capri with its noble design subtly fits in with its surroundings. The detachable white Ceramic container has an open design. The toilet is cleaned thoroughly by using the practical toilet brush. Due to its durable and adaptable bristles, the brush guarantees reliable usage. The brush holder always keeps the brush in the desired place in a decorative manner. The toilet brush comprises the brush with a black, replaceable head with a diameter of 7.5 cm. The manufacturer offers a 10-year guarantee. The toilet brush Capri convinces by its versatile mounting options. it can either be firmly screwed to the wall (screws and dowels are included) or mounted using the Power-Loc® adhesive mounting system (separately available). The third alternative is mounting using the enclosed Vacuum-Loc® system. The innovation in mounting technology is called Vacuum-Loc®! The unique system enables fast, easy and safe attachment of the accessories to all non air-permeable and slightly uneven surfaces. The new Vacuum-Loc® system consists of a pump and mounting Locs; there is no need for drilling and screwing, and suction pads are also not required. With the Vacuum-Loc® system you can forget products falling off the wall - it is an innovation on the market. The new VACUUM-LOC system convinces all the way and was distinguished by the DIY magazine as the Product of the Year 2013/2014 (Source: diy Fachmagazin 5/2014 P.24 - Dähne Verlag GmbH or at Apart from the award "Product of the Year", Vacuum-Loc® has recently been given the test rating "EXCELLENT". The Do-it-Yourself magazine "Selbst ist der Mann" has tested our VACUUM-LOC. The innovative mounting system and its reliable hold without drilling were able to convince and were given the highest possible mark. (Source: Selbst ist der Mann - Edition July 2014 - P.42 or at Mounting of the Vacuum-Loc® system is so easy and is done in only a few steps. Step 1: Cleaning the surface The selected surface must first be cleaned with a clean, damp cloth. Here it is important that the subsurface is completely dry and above all free from grease when mounting. Therefore, bathroom or household cleaning agents should not be used for pre-cleaning. Step 2: Fixing the vacuum adapter To attach to the desired surface, simply remove the cap on the front and the protective film of the back of the vacuum adapter. The Vacuum-Loc® is firmly fixed in the desired position with the red spot facing upwards. Step 3: Generating a vacuum Press the pump against the Loc and pull out the pump piston until a loud plop is heard. Remove the pump from the Loc, attach the pump piston again and repeat the procedure 3 times. Step 4: Can be immediately subjected to loads After the fourth time of applying the pump piston, the adapter can be immediately subjected to loads and the desired accessory can be hung on. The Vacuum Locs can be re-positioned at any time and can be removed without leaving any residues. The Vacuum-Loc® system has a European patent protection and ensures a firm hold. Each mounting Loc can be permanently subjected to a tensile force of up to 33 kg. This is how the exerted force is described, which pulls on the mounting Loc in horizontal direction, towards the force generator. You have a 10-year guarantee on this product, beginning on the date of purchase. The guarantee comprises all material and manufacturing errors that impair the function. Any damage caused by improper handling or normal wear and tear is excluded. Thus guarantee does not restrict your statutory guarantee rights.


Color Chrome
Behälter: White
Material Metal - Zinc diecasting
Behälter: Ceramic
Measurement 4.3 x 5.5 x 14.6 inch
Weight in grams 960 g
Scope of delivery toilet brush, holder, Vacuum-Loc® mounting, pump, screws and dowels



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