Laundry bin Corno Petrol laundry basket

Item 3450116100

How do you make use of all those unused corners? With the laundry collector Corno in petrol you can immediately make excellent use of the empty spaces next to cupboards and shelves. The space-saving, slim-line laundry collector is made of high-quality durable polyester and can be easily moved thanks to its four castors. The inside is treated to repel dampness. The unsightly dirty laundry is well-hidden behind the privacy cover. This immediately turns niches and corners into practical storage space. The laundry collector Corno in petrol has a capacity of 43 litres.


Color Fabric: Petrol
Wheels: Black
Reinforcing bars: Black
Material Fabric: Plastic - Polyester
Wheels: Plastic - PP
Reinforcing bars: Fiberglass
Measurement 7.1 x 15.7 x 23.6 inch
Weight in grams 850 g
Scope of delivery laundry bin, 4 bars



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