Laundry collector Trio Blue 3 laundry compartments

Item 3440023100

UPC 4008838344699

The modern laundry collector Trio in fresh, trendy blue adds style to any bathroom or bedroom. With a capacity of 130 litres, it offers ample decorative space for laundry storage until the next washing day. Due to the three practical compartments, the laundry can already be separated according to colour and temperature. The collector is a real eye-catcher with its light "DARK", "LIGHT", and "COLOR" lettering on the three baskets. The laundry basket is made of high quality, durable polyester fabric. The strong handles are suitable for the comfortable storage of the laundry. The practical mesh cover with the drawstring prevents the items of clothing from falling out. In its lightweight, robust aluminium frame, the basket is always kept safely in place. The laundry collector can be collapsed to save space when not in use.


Color Fabric: Blue
Frame: Aluminium
Handles: Black
Material Fabric: Plastic - Polyester
Frame: Metal - Aluminium
Handles: Plastic Polyester
Measurement 24.8 x 15 x 22.4 inch
Weight in grams 802 g
Scope of delivery laundry bin



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