Dish rack Exclusive Duo

Item 2329100

UPC 4008838232903

The high-quality dish rack Duo with its separate drip tray stops the formation of water and prevents lime scale stains on the sink drain surface. Even in the age of dishwashers there are still items of tableware and cutlery that are better washed up by hand, so the dish rack serves as a functional accessory for the kitchen sink, in the summer house or the mobile home. The Stainless Steel dish rack with two levels offers space for plates, cups or glasses. The cutlery basket belonging to the dish rack Duo can be hooked on to the side of the rack. After use the dish rack Duo can be collapsed to save space.


Color Silver matt
Material Metal - Stainless steel
Measurement 21 x 49 x 33 cm
Weight in grams 1650 g
Scope of delivery dish drainer, placement area, cutlery box



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